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Welcome, chuckle fans of all ages. This fun book is for anyone
who enjoys good, clean humor. There’s plenty here to brighten
your day with jokes, one-liners, tongue twisters, and riddles.

And rest assured, there’s nothing objectionable here –
just wholesome fun.

So take a minute or two and get a few laughs for yourself and
share with family, friends, coworkers, or your social media world.

Inside, you will find 1030 Question and Answer style jokes, 50 Knock-knock jokes, 50 One-liners, 100 Tongue Twisters, and 50 Riddles.



Greetings and welcome to Books By Craig ! This website highlights books written and published by me (Craig Jones).

*MAR 5, 2024 Update* I have now created the 10 Sudoku books I mentioned previously. Nine of them are available on Amazon and one is pending approval. The website is now being updated to reflect the new Sudoku books and the re-arrangement of pages. Please bear with me as I update the website.

*Feb 24, 2024 update.* I am in the process of creating and publishing a series of 10 Sudoku books for various skill levels. Each book has puzzles with a mixture of difficulty levels and each book has an overall difficulty rating. The books progressively become more challenging as you move from book #1 to book #10. So whether you are a Sudoku beginner or a Sudoku master, you can choose the book to match your desired difficulty level. Each book has 300 puzzles and the solutions are printed in the book.

I will announce on Facebook when all of the Sudoku books are ready for purchase on Amazon. I aim to have all ten available at the same time by the end of February, but if I miss that deadline, it won’t be by much. If you see them on Amazon before I announce them on Facebook, they are not quite ready. That is part of my process. I get a physical copy to inspect and often make further adjustments to the book and re-submit it to Amazon. 

The books I have recently published are above and are available on Amazon. Click on any of them for more information, or click the menu link above.

You can see my new Facebook page here:

My first five books were published under Doozybird Publishing ( but that arrangement ended on Dec 31, 2023.
Those five books (see below) will gradually be re-published in 2024 under my name, without a publishing company, and will be listed here.   


I have written two children’s books – Slow Down Turtle and Silly Rhymes for Boys and Girls. Then I wrote a book on gratitude called The Gratitude List, then a gratitude journal. My fifth book was called More Than Trivia – a book of 777 interesting stories and facts.