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NOW Available – and at a special price!

Welcome, chuckle fans of all ages. This fun book is for anyone
who enjoys good, clean humor. There’s plenty here to brighten
your day with jokes, one-liners, tongue twisters, and riddles.

And rest assured, there’s nothing objectionable here –
just wholesome fun.

So take a minute or two and get a few laughs for yourself and
share with family, friends, coworkers, or your social media world.

Inside, you will find 1030 Question and Answer style jokes, 50 Knock-knock jokes, 50 One-liners, 100 Tongue Twisters, and 50 Riddles.



Slow Down Turtle has now been re-published and is available on Amazon. This is the first book I ever wrote and published, and is still my favorite! It is a wonderful story and has beautifully drawn illustrations that young children enjoy and connect with. My feedback is that kids love the story and want to read it (or have it read to them), over and over again.

The Gratitude List is in the process of being revised, updated, and greatly expanded. It will be re-published with a new title and cover. The preliminary title and cover (front and back) is shown below and is subject to change.

Each of the ten Sudoku books is assigned an overall difficulty level based on the quantity and difficulty level of puzzles it contains. Using the table shown on the back of every book in the series, you can see the difficulty level you will face in each book and choose appropriately.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the Level 6 and 7 puzzles are very difficult. If you get stuck, check out website There, you can enter the exact puzzle where you are stuck and get step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

My first five books were published under Doozybird Publishing ( but that arrangement ended on Dec 31, 2023.
I have re-published one of those and another one is in the works. The three below are out of print and may or may not be re-published.